Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thinking About Summer On A Rainy Spring Day

Patterns of Happy Tears 
Patterns of Happy Tears

Patterns of Happy Tears
Last week we had a great time making happy tears--rain drops cut from the patterns we found on the pages of magazines and catalogs. We probably rarely think about patterns because we are surrounded by them at all times, but a basic human skill is the ability to interpret patterns. We use them to gauge the past, present, and future in all kinds of things: the layers of earth that allow archaeologists to date their findings, or the movement of pressure systems that enable weather predictions.

Patterns are at the very existence of life as we know it — the spiral of a hurricane, rippling sand dunes, waves in the ocean, circular volcanos, winding rivers, a plant flowering, the lines on the palms of our hands, the prints on our fingers, the crystals in snowflakes. Design in its most natural form.

It's raining here in New Jersey today. A pattern of raindrops explodes on my windowpanes. A pattern of pollen blankets my front porch. A pattern of worms wriggle on the sidewalk. But all I can think about is summer. The rich full days of sunlight from early morning to late evening. The heat. The ice cream man. The sand. The waves. Sun. Summer camp. It's a seasonal pattern I know well and love the best. Lost lazy days without a schedule. Freedom to explore and find fun on every corner. Bike rides. Beach days. Patterns of clouds across bright blue sky.

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