About the Brave Girls

In today's society, girls face an immense amount of pressure to fit a certain mold. They are constantly surrounded by magazines, television shows, movies and books that accentuate a false sense of reality. These airbrushed, near-perfect images give them an "identity" to aspire to, but it is one that is based on fictional characters. This gives them a false sense of security, and the constant emphasis on conformity does not allow them a place where they can open themselves up to new experiences, new people, or new ways of doing things. Instead of allowing them a space for creativity, our "reality" invites narrow mindedness, insecurity, and a numbing of our senses. The self worth and confidence of young girls is slowly being challenged and undermined.

BraveGirlsArt challenges the way girls are looked at and talked about, but not necessarily "seen" or listened to. I believe that when we tap into our innate energy we transform our lives and the bigger world around us. I love to incorporate community service projects to help grow our connection with others and heal HEARTS.

BraveGirlsArt is a place where girls will discover more about themselves--what they like, what they don't like, who they want to become in this world, and what it takes to find happiness. It is a place where, ultimately, I hope they will learn to feel secure about themselves as girls and as artists. Most of all, I hope they will have FUN.

BraveGirlsArt classes and summer camps take place in Nutley, NJ. But we're available to travel to you for birthday parties, workshops or other events.