Monday, April 29, 2013

Take What You Need: Plant a Kiss Day

There's a new tree in town. 

The wishes from our Fall wish tree had moved on to greener pastures. They had blown away with the winter wind or maybe the spring rain had washed them clean. It was time to let them go; time to "plant" a new tree. 

Sherry asked me a few weeks ago if I would "Plant a Kiss" again this year in honor of Amy Krouse Rosenthal and her book, in which one small act blooms into something grander than anyone imagined. It was perfect kismet. (no pun intended) 

So the brave girls skipped to the park on a perfect spring afternoon carrying painted rocks and colorful wishes and tiny jars of love to leave for some special someone to find. We decorated the tree with our own words and placed a box beneath her branches. 

Take what you need. 
Leave something for someone else. 
Make the world a better place.

It's that simple. Our tree is bursting with cherry blossoms and it's also already blooming in other ways, too. I walked by this morning and it is filled with words. And wishes. Some simple: "HOPE"  Some complex: "I WISH I WOULDN'T ALWAYS FEEL SO ALONE." Our rocks and tiny love bottles have disappeared, a good sign they have found their new homes. 

Our Take What You Need tree will brave the wind and rain this spring as it spreads a little more joy, color, poetry, connection, and magic in our town. It doesn't take much. An hour. A minute even. Stop and place a hand on someone else's arm and say "I see you. I notice. I'm here." Breathe. Be joyful. Kiss.

Plant a kiss today. Then hop on over to Simply Celebrate and see how others are planting a kiss, too! 


  1. You all had beautiful and fun idea. I, only wish I had been there to share sight :)

  2. Wonderful wish tree! And I love that it will last for days and weeks to come so you all can be reminded of the goodness you put out into the world!

  3. I just love that you and the girls did this. It makes me so happy to think of how happy the tree and little love bottles made people. It is so simple. Yet it takes intention, like you had! I'm so grateful to you for participating! :-)

  4. Youre crazy adorable baby - there's a new tree in town! Indeed! Love it! xxx

  5. love this and you!! you make the world such a better, brighter more colorful place.
    love you!