Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Only Life, Live It

I love this line. It sums it all up for me. It's only life. Live it.

We get a chance every morning when the sun comes up to start again. To make this day better than the last. To try again. To make new mistakes or repair the old ones. To make something beautiful of this life we are given.

I feel the same way about creativity. It's only art, make it. You won't improve by watching others do it. You won't have as much fun if you just look at the art others have hung on the walls of a museum. Give it a try. Don't worry about making mistakes. I love to tell the girls and women I teach, "There are no mistakes in art. Sometimes even the drip of paint on the page or the line you think doesn't belong becomes the most perfect part of your piece."

So come play with us. It's only life. Live it.

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