Monday, February 13, 2012

Blooming True

It's been too long since I have come to this space.

It's not that I haven't had anything to say, it's just that life is funny sometimes and silence seems the best course of action. I am excited to be planning an upcoming BraveGirlsArt party for Elizabeth's niece in Philadelphia. I was nervous at first. I don't know her niece, which isn't a big deal. I haven't known every girl who has stepped through the studio doors. But I was feeling rusty. Out of practice. A tad uninspired.

And then my parents gave me a gift certificate for Flora Bowley's Bloom True online course. I have been dying to take a class with Flora. I have missed out on them at Squam the past two years, and could barely stand to see the amazing work that the other lucky students produced. I am in awe of her body of work and was intrigued by her process. Intuitive. Brave. Bold. All the words that encompass my life these days.

Class began last Monday and all I can say is HELL YES. I am inspired. Wide open. On fire. Holding my breath for more lessons, more painting, more creativity, more illumination. This impulse to put paint on the brush and stop thinking, to let go and let anything and everything happen. I feel like a racehorse is breaking free inside of me. Bolting for some undetermined finish line . . . no matter . . . just wanting to run with the wind in my hair.

Sensing every single detail around me.
And none of them at all.

Inspired by music and movement and a wellspring of emotions evoked at that very singular second. Motivated by the moment, not the outcome.

So I'm ready for Saturday. I've got our projects lined up. Plans are in place. But I know we'll leave the beaten path for a while, too, and let whatever happens, happen. I'm ready to take these girls with me on a bit of a journey. I hope they want to come along. It's gonna be fun!!

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