Thursday, September 8, 2011

BraveGirlsArt with a Twist

. . . and you’re darn right the twist is booze!

This one is for all of the women who have asked me why I can't have art classes for adults, too! Come and join us for a girls-night-out with a twist. We provide all the art supplies from brushes and paints to glitter and pastels. You bring the beer, wine or liquor--we’ve got the snacks and cups covered--and we’ll teach you some cool techniques, play some great tunes, and send you home with a work of art you might even want to display!

Join me on Thursday, September 29th from 8-10 PM for a fun evening with your friends (or just some other random women who have nothing better to do but need an excuse to have a cocktail)!

Limit 10-12 participants, first come first serve.

Ages 15 - 100, but you must be 21+ to drink alcohol.

Fee: $45


  1. I love the idea! count me in... at least for the cocktail part!

  2. oops... signed in with wrong account... Nella said it!

  3. Ack! I wished I lived closer too!

  4. I'm with melissa and steph. looks like so much fun.

  5. dang i would love to come to this.