Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fairy Parties and Summer Camp

I had the privilege and the pleasure of bringing Brave Girls Art to a birthday party! Abby turned eight this week and her mom (my photographer extraordinaire during winter session) asked me to help with the party and manage the crafts and the games. OH how different it is to throw a birthday party for girls! After 12 years of boy parties (and 2 winter birthdays to boot) it was so much fun to plan a spring party for girls.

Abby chose the craft she wanted the girls to do--fairies and fairy gardens. I collected glass jars and all the fixings for the miniature gardens: clay for tiny toadstools, clothespins, silk flowers, clear plastic cups for the wings, pipe cleaners, glitter, and the most important ingredient for all good fairy gardens: moss. Ruth and I went out and "borrowed" a bit of moss on a rainy day in a nearby nature preserve. We baked the clay toadstools to preserve them once they were placed in the jars with the moss and then we painted and decorated our fairies with glittery wings and glittery hair and flower petal skirts. The girls loved how beautiful they looked and I loved how creative they all were.

While we waited for the toadstool baking and the paint drying, we played games. I found a fly swatter with a beautiful daisy attached to it to use as a wand for Fairy Freeze Tag (again the difference between girls and boys--the boys would have attacked each other with the fly swatter, the girls daintily tapped each other).
We had Pixie Dust Relay Races
hula hoop contests, and a Fairy Treasure Hunt where they found golden chocolate coins, fairy
rings, and glittery gemstones. And, of course, we blew bubbles!

Abby's dad made hot dogs (not very fairy like . . . ) and the girls had fruit salad and a beautiful cake baked by Abby's big brother! All in all, I think our first Brave Girls Birthday Party was a huge success! Happy Birthday, Abby. 8 is GREAT!

And now for the big news: Brave Girls Art Summer Camp dates are official: Check out more information on the right side of this page; and if you have a Brave Girl who wants to join us, please contact me by commenting on this post or sending an email to tingle97@gmail.com

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