Thursday, March 3, 2011

My heart grew 3 sizes today...

BraveGirlsArt is gearing up to start again this Saturday morning. After "winter" break, we'll finish the second half of Session 1 over the next four weeks. I have some exciting projects waiting for the girls--we'll be looking inward a little bit, talking about self-confidence and examining what we love about ourselves (stay tuned for some self portraits!). We even have a field trip planned to meet an amazing local artist.

I stopped by the studio to clean up a bit and get organized for Saturday's class. As I was putting a few things away, I noticed a piece of paper mixed in with some photocopies I had made for our packing tape transfers.

I pulled this out:

And my heart grew 3 sizes today....

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  1. Now that is totally awesome and so deserved! Bravo Amy!!