Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lessons from a 12-year-old girl (never forget them)

Courtney came to class this week and excitedly told me she had something to show me. Someone had given her a calligraphy pen and she wanted to learn how to write with it. So until she could find someone who knew how to use it, she had been practicing. She wasn't sure exactly how it worked, but she was willing to give it a shot and she wanted to show me what she had done.

She handed me this.

In art nothing is wrong.
Love who you are.
I am not afraid.
Stay true to yourself.
Love art.
Be passionate.
Be confident.
Never be ashamed.


  1. You are teaching them some amazing lessons Amy..lessons that will help shape them into confident, kind young women. Sei bravissima.

  2. i have goosebumps....knowing what you are doing for these girls
    and their future. see already - it is good

  3. oh my gosh, do i love this!! i hope she always remebers this!!
    hugs + smiles~ jill

  4. I knew she was different from the day she was born. I looked at her and just knew. Oddly enough she looked to me like something was missing- I swear it was like she was missing glasses lol I know this sounds nutty but it is 100% true. I was blessed with two daughters, two different daughters- not one better or more special, just different. What you are experiencing in class with Courtney, I have had the pleasure of living with for the last 12 years. It is never a dull moment. She is full of ideas and love and compassion for others. What your class has done for her and for me I can't thank you enough for.The perspective I have gained is immeasurable. You have given me the chance to know that she is not awesome because "I" think she is, she is just awesome. I am truly blessed to be her Mom.